Data Collection

Data Collection

DVertex is Young, Dynamic and Specialized Technology Integration Company with Expertise in Geo-Spatial Solutions(GIS).

We provides personalized service for your Data Collection.

GIS data collection

What is GIS data collection?

Data capturing is most assigned in digitizing the data when entering the GIS system, while data collection is a process referred to the sources and information we gather, aimed at specific parameters, in order to insert them in GIS and create.

GIS data can be separated into two categories: spatially referenced data which is represented by vector and raster forms (including imagery) and attribute tables which is represented in tabular format.

GIS Data Collection

GIS Data Collection !!

DVertex, Corp offers a full range of GIS data collection services. Using GPS, mobile devices and mapping systems DVertex can build a new GIS layer or add to an existing one. Not only will we collect coordinates on your features of interest, to your specified accuracy, but we will design and utilize databases in the field to collect the attributes you want.

Our trained staff will do your GIS field services data collection by providing accurate feature surveys and guaranteed quality through standardized deliverables that allows you to immediately use the data into your GIS.

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